SCSS 2016. 7th International Symposium on Symbolic Computation in Software Science

14 articles182 pagesPublished: March 27, 2016


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alpha-equivalence, arithmetization, automated reasoning, binding-time analysis, bit-size, Compass and straightedge construction, completeness, component-based software engineering, computational origami, confluence, Conformal Geometric Algebra, congruence closure, Coq3, critical pairs, cross-stage persistence, data structure, decision procedure, delimited continuations, Expression Compatibility Problem, expression problem, expression simplification, formal semantics, formalization, formalized mathematics, functional logic programming, geometry2, interactive theorem proving, Lagrange interpolation, lexicographic Groebner bases, Lightweight Family Polymorphism, Mathematica, multiplicity, narrowing, network monitors, Nominal rewriting, partial evaluation, planarity, PLCA, predicate logic, program verification, proof assistant, qualitative spatial reasoning, shift and reset, soundness, space complexity, staging, stepper, strategies, symbolic computation, Tarski's system of geometry, term equivalence, theory of equality, Triangular Sets, Wang tiling