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Erasmus Without Paper: dream becoming reality

8 pagesPublished: September 20, 2022


The year 2022 will be crucial for the digital future of the Erasmus administration. The renewal of inter-institutional agreements will be done in a digital fashion and Higher Education Institutions need to support online learning agreements. While many of us are still struggling to make it work, the next digitalisation steps are already awaiting around the corner with nominations and Transcript of Records to be exchanged in a digital manner. Moreover the European Student Identifier will both facilitate data exchanges and ease authentication of students.
During the years to come, the Erasmus Without Paper+ (EWP+) consortium aims to better support universities implementing the digitalisation roadmap. Transparency will be increased by establishing a new governance structure and by sharing more frequent updates for the HEI community about the state of play and next steps. Technical challenges and usability issues in the EWP Dashboard (also known as the Erasmus Dashboard) will be addressed and the EWP Network will improve its services in order to facilitate more efficient data exchanges between universities. Helpdesk services will be further enhanced. Moreover the consortium, together with a wide range of stakeholders, will lay the technical foundations for the further digitalisation of the Erasmus+ administrative processes.

Keyphrases: Erasmus App, Erasmus Dashboard, Erasmus Without Paper (EWP), European Student Card Initiative, European Student Identifier (ESI), EWP Dashboard, EWP Network, EWP support, Online Learning Agreement

In: Jean-François Desnos, Ramin Yahyapour and Raimund Vogl (editors). Proceedings of EUNIS 2022 – The 28th International Congress of European University Information Systems, vol 86, pages 66--73

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