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Promoting Brand Involvement through User Generated Content: Structured Abstract

EasyChair Preprint no. 5389

7 pagesDate: April 25, 2021


This research paper investigates the motivational factors (need for competence, autonomy and relatedness) underpinned by self-determination theory and customer-owned resources (social interaction with contacts and brand knowledge) underpinned by service-dominant logic, that influence customers’ online participation in brand-related user generated content (UGC) to enhance customers overall brand involvement. Co-creation of value by customers is the key strategic factor for firms to sustain in the competitive service ecosystem and create a presence for themselves. Value co-creation is possible through brand involvement via customers’ interaction on online media (UGC). Thus, an empirical model is formulated and tested through structural equation modelling employing SmartPLS. Results from data collected via online surveys administered to 265 Australian respondents, demonstrate that brand involvement is positively affected by customers’ participation in brand UGC. In turn, UGC participation is positively dependent on customers’ intrinsic need for relatedness, their social interaction with online contact and their brand knowledge, creativity acting as a control variable. This research also adds to the vast literature of consumer engagement, online digital-brand management and service development. Online brand managers can enhance brand involvement by developing strategies to increase customers’ participation in brand UGC on social media, hence, co-creating value for their brands and services.

Keyphrases: Brand Involvement, brand knowledge, Brand Marketing, customer participation, customer-owned resources, Services, social media, user-generated content, value co-creation

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