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Text Steganography in Font color of MS Excel Sheet

EasyChair Preprint no. 148

16 pagesDate: May 21, 2018


One of the ways to maintain the security of data transfer over the network is to encrypt the data before sending it, for the purpose of increasing data privacy and its importance, Steganography, is used to hide encrypted data in various documents, such as sheets of MS Excel sheets.

The purpose of the encrypted data packaging during transport from one place to another is,  to convince an unauthorized person, nothing has not been added to the transport data. The art of concealment is embodied hidden words to be passed confidentially within a file without influence on the properties of the file and this can't be anyone's hand is to know that there is confidential data encapsulated by transport data. Whereas, the Microsoft Excel file size being used to hide data remains constant in spite of the file containing the confidential data.

The secret for the survival of file size unchanged despite the addition of encrypted data, is that confidential data is added to the value of the color of the font used in the cells, leading to the font color change slightly.

 Previous research used the Excel file to hide data in different ways, but the data masking and packaging by changing the color content writing is what distinguishes our research and make it alone in this area.

Keyphrases: Excel documents, Font color, Steganography

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